Monday, November 29, 2010

Spitalfields Market

Image via Panoramio
Hello readers!

Feeling a bit down in the dumps and lost, today I decided to have a proper read of my Lonely Planet and exhaust myself in a suburb of London. I'm a markety sort of girl. I aways have a good time at a market. I love the lack of pushy sales assistants, blinding marble floors and tweeny boopers, so it's no wonder that today I found myself at Spitalfields Market in Shoreditch.

Spitalfields Market is a food market, a vintage market, an art-and-craft market. There were stalls with giant cupcakes made by equally giant blokes, eco friendly soaps, aged rockers playing reggae and eco concious clothing stalls. It took me about an hour of wandering around indecisively to finally decide what to indulge in for lunch - chow mein from a lovely Vietnamese couple. The woman was so friendly she gave me some extra green curry on the side and proceeded to tell me that she made the food right there every Sunday morning at the stall. Bless.

Although I spent the entire day squirming amongst hoards of Londoners, there is something so wonderful about Shoreditch. It is a cultural melting pot of exotic foods and people from around the world. I plan to go back next week and try one of those delcious cupcakes. I wish I had've taken my camera today but I'm glad I didn't. Today was about a real day in London. No sightseeing and no loud tourists, just me and what is now only a wonderful memory.

Ms Ivory x

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