Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

So sorry that I have been incommunicado for a while now. I've been working full time for the past week or so, and the internet at Ivory HQ has gone down. Today will have to be short and sweet as I'm sneakily doing this at my desk.

It's been snowing for the past few days in London. The city has gone down completely. I have also gone down completely, several times. Walking on snow is proving me to be a fish out of water, even in rugged winter boots. Apart from a few bruises, my spirits are still high.

Sarah and I are going to a private party tonight at the Green Dragon. I'm going with the practical jeans and blazer option. Today also marks my last day of work for '10. Hopefully I'll have a constant stream of photos and posts for you in the coming weeks. No plans for Christmas as of yet, just a nice fire and a big traditional roast.

Here's a photo from my street. Amzaing.

Happy holidays,

Ms Ivory x

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