Monday, March 7, 2011

Glad rags

Hello strangers!

I feel terrible about the lack of posts, but I am mostly without internet for the moment. Hopefully this will be fixed soon :) 

For the past week I have been slobbing around uni in the same pair of jeans. Thinking that I could nurture a care free attitude to dressing, by Friday I was totally repulsed by myself and resolved to pull a pair of heels out from the back of my cupboard. Here's what I wore to the local election.

This outfit is mostly thrifted which is pretty much how I shop. Both my denim jacket and handbag are bargains from Savers but are good brands. You can look fantastic in second hand clothes, and nobody needs to know. My friends are always complementing me whenever we go out, and they are always so amazed when I tell them that what I'm wearing is either from Savers or another second hand store. 

Jacket: Jeans West, from Savers
Dress: Christmas present from my parents from JAG
Shoes: Payless Shoes 
Bag: MNG Barcelona, also from Savers 

I think having a good denim jacket as part of your wardrobe is so handy. Every season they find a way back and I feel that they go with anything. I've had mine for years and I've well and truly broken it in. 

My computer is almost out of juice so I have to leave you again. Many thanks to my brother who took these photos for me. I think finding a tripod is now definitely on the top of my to do list. It's 30 in Melbourne today but unfortunately I'm locked in with assignments. Hopefully your Mondayitis isn't too bad. 

Much love, 

Ms Ivory xx 

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