Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday wish

Next month is my birthday and obviously the topic of gifts has arisen. I like jewellery but never buy it for myself. I'm a bracelet girl. I don't wear necklaces and same goes for massive, dangly earrings. Bracelets, bangles, you name it, I wear it. I know. Not very adventurous. For the past few years though, I've been lusting after a watch.

It all started when I bought my boyfriend this Tissot watch for his birthday. I absolutely fell in love with it and kept stealing it to wear until I realised how heavy it was! I had to get a watch for myself. But what? I wanted one just like his. The silver band, the large white clock face, it was perfect.

And then one day, two years later, I see a girl in my journalism tutorial wearing this....

My dream watch! My vision a realisation! I had to have it! I have been thrawling the internet and have finally found it. The DKNY NY8076. We were meant to be together.

So basically, this is the only thing I want for my birthday. I've given up on asking for a Malvern Star. I've given up on asking for a puppy from the Lost Dogs Home. This hunk of gorgeous silver is the only thing I'm asking for. And I've decided that since it's highly unlikely anyone will buy me this, I'm just going to buy it for myself!

We simply cannot be apart any longer.

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