Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Friends of Mine

You'll have to excuse me if we don't spend too much time with each other over the next few days. Most of my time at the moment is being taken up by these rather important gentleman you see here. From left to right is my old friend Winston Churchill, next to him is Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the man on the right with the giant moustache is Joseph Stalin.

I've currently been assigned the task of getting to know them a bit better. I'm finding them rather riveting. I hope you'll understand.

All my love, 

Ms Ivory 


Fabio said...

Yes, Churchill was a great man. I've read Lord Jenkins biography (a model of the genre). I wrote about him on my own Best wishes, Fabio

Ivory said...

Fabio, just looked at your posts on Churchill. Those YouTube videos are fabulous! Keep up the good work, Ivory.