Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tomorrow I turn 20. I haven't really paid it much of a thought to be honest. I'll go to university, get my hair done and then go out to dinner with my boyfriend. That will mark the beginning of my 20s. I'm gladly going under the radar with this one; I've had my fair share of parties. I'm just happy that I came out of my teenage years alive, happy and in love.


Lily said...

Well, Happy Birthday then, lady! Not being a teenager anymore doesn't feel a lot more different (I'm turning 21 in a week) but it's somehow relaxing that you've passed it, isn't it?
Have a magical day tomorrow :)

cb said...

yay happy birthday sweetie! have a great day!! my birthday is this saturday!! high five!! may babies rock ;D


Ivory said...

Happy birthday for today CB! Hope your day was as nice as mine was. Thanks for the wishes Lily! What have you got planned for your 21st?

Ivory xx