Monday, May 30, 2011

Cheap Thrills

Being an impoverished university student means that my thrills are often the smallest of things. Usually a delicious dinner pig-out with my best friend, or a cheap piece of jewellery that was on sale (and by sale, I mean like 5 dollar sale). Words like 'J Brand Jeans' and 'Chanel' just aren't in my vocabulary. This week it was a new nail polish, and finally nailing down what to write on that research essay.

When sitting in the library the other day, I suddenly decided that I had to buy a new nail polish colour. Right at that moment. So I did. I left the library, got on a bus, and bought some new nail polish colours. Why fight it?

I decided on these two: 'Lace' and 'Sapphire'. In Winter I've noticed that girls will tend to wear a plum or black shade on their nails, and while I love a good plum nail, I decided to think outside the box this Winter.

Currently wearing Lace, which is much more of a pastel purple than in these shots. At home enjoying a tea before I took the dogs for a run. If you like these colours, I purchased them from Sportsgirl. This has literally been the highlight of my week.

Trying to detract myself as Mister is away with work all week. I'm such a sad little puppy!

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