Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Outfit: Autumn Edition

My loves!

Yesterday I braved the wind and cold to bring you this outfit post, winter style. It's absolutely freezing in Melbourne at the moment. It's been raining non-stop for days! 

I finally succumbed and bought these boots from Rubi Shoes the other day. On a university budget, they were a bit of a stretch even at $60. I've been wearing them all week because they're just so comfortable. I think it might be the chunky heel.

Boots: Rubi Shoes 
Jeans: Miss Sixty
Top: Cotton On
Blazer: Barkins
Scarf: Grandmother 
Laptop case: Typo

This scarf was a gift from Grandmother. For some reason I always wear it in my hair like this. Usually when I am having a bad hair day. Boyfriend says that I look like a WWII 'we can do it' woman. Whatever, boyfriend.

I bought this blazer along with a matching pencil skirt from Barkins last year when I was part of the corporate world. I still wear the blazer because I love the grainy wool look. 

I'm wearing Rimmel's 'Coralicious' on my nails. It's the only colour that I keep buying again and again. I hope you're having great weekends and not spending your time reading this!

Thank you to everyone who is coming to the blog, I hope you're liking all of my photos.



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