Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daily Outfit: Boring Edition

I thought this outfit was photo worthy yesterday but now realise it really isn't. I don't do Winter very well. Sincere apologies. Although, how dressed up does one really get to study at the library? Unless you fancy a cute library-going boy, of course.

Bag: Colette Accessories, birthday present from best friends. The colour is amazing. 
Top: Cotton On
Belt: Vintage 
Trench Coat: MNG Barcelona
Skirt: Barkins
Brogues: I Heart Billy

This is a close up of my skin after using Aesop for a few weeks. I've stopped wearing make up on my skin and it looks so much better already. Why didn't I try that before?

What do you think of my acorn earrings? I bought them in London and I think they're perfect for Autumn.

Lots of love,


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