Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I love

Here are some pictures that I have taken lately. No reason. Maybe this could be the beginning of a "things I love" day on Ms Ivory? Some occasional gratitude? Ahem.

My boyfriend made these amazing macaroons for the engagement party. These ones are orange and berry flavoured. He usually makes an absolute mess of the kitchen making them which annoys me. I never thank him for all the effort he puts into them, so, thank you Michael, your macarons are delicious. 

Lemon meringue tart at Cafe Vue. I barely got a mouthful before someone ate it all! If you're a Melbourne gal like me, I recommend you try out one of the Vue series cafes. Delicious and equally pretentious coffee. Yum! 

This is the nail polish that I'm wearing at the moment. It's a beautiful matte pink called 'Ballerina'. My best friend bought it for me for Christmas last year. 

This is my cat, Skyler. She's quite photogenic and was rather inquisitive about my camera. What a cutie.

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Anonymous said...

hi there beautiful! things are coming along nicely, keep up all the amazing posts :) x