Monday, May 23, 2011

Love locks

In Paris, near Notre Dame, there is a bridge called the Pont des Arts. On each side of the bridge are thousands of padlocks; some plain, some with love hearts and some with names. No two identical, they all represent the same thing - the undying love of the couple that has put the lock (their "love lock") on the bridge.

Rumour has it that so long as their lock is attached to the bridge, they will be together. We were is Paris for Valentine's Day, and to be honest, anything we did would have been wonderfully romantic. After a beautiful dinner of red wine and duck liver pate, we went to the Pont des Arts and attached our own love lock. Not the strongest or prettiest of the locks, but it was ours. We threw the key below into the Seine and hoped that we would be together forever.

Something even more special would be going back to Pont des Arts in years to come and seeing our love lock, a little more rusty than before, but just as strong as the day we put in there.


Miss Ivory.

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