Sunday, May 15, 2011

Miss Ivory

If you hang out here often, you'll notice that the name of the blog has gone from Ms Ivory to Miss Ivory. I am a Miss. Always have been. I originally chose Ms because that's the title I choose to circle. I hate that fact that someone who doesn't know me could judge me by the fact that I'm either a Miss or Mrs.

However, I decided in the spirit of all things awkward and young, I would change the name of my blog to Miss Ivory. I feel that it better reflects who I am: a university student trying to have fun while she still can. I will be 20 on Wednesday the 18th. I feel that because we know each other a bit better now that I could tell you that.

I hope you join me in embracing all things 'Miss' and don't judge me for being so.

All my love,

Miss Ivory x

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