Saturday, May 21, 2011

Daily Outfit: Old Navy

My loves!

I have been away partying for a few days (while nursing a sore throat!), so I am sorry that I have only posted something now. I had a beautiful birthday and received many lovely gifts. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I will put up all of the photos soon and share with you my goodies.

Today I had yum cha for lunch with my grandparents. It's been rather sunny and warm in Melbourne for the past few days, but by the time I took these the weather had turned. That's so Melbs. Here's what I wore.

One of the bling rings my best friends bought me from Colette. Worn with my favourite nail polish at the moment by Rimmel.

I bought this coat from Savers last year but forgot I had it. I love the gold buttons and the oversized shape.

Coat: Savers
Dress: Savers
Boots: Rubi Shoes
Bag: Imitation Chanel a friend bought me from Thailand. I never wear it because it's such a cheapy.
Stockings: Boots UK
Ring: Colette

My grandfather saw my stockings and called me 'liquorice legs' haha.

Love you lots!



champagne said...

Your dress and coat looks fabulous! Fake is always a fake, I hope that someday you will get a real one, I would like to have one too:)

Ivory said...

Thank you Champagne! I think every girl deserves a bit of Chanel in her life, don't you? ;)