Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daily Outfit: Intergalactic

My girlfriends and I are going out tonight, and knowing that I'd be studying all day I chose my outfit this morning. Mother bought this dress for me for my birthday. It's by a brand called Mossimo. Not what I'd normally go for, but I like the bat wing style arms all the same.

Although it's been gloriously sunny here for a few days, being in winter means tonight is going to be freeeezing! I am wearing a pair of boots and tights for a tiny bit more warmth. Not that I'm going to be warm.

As I was saying a few weeks ago, I've basically stopped wearing make up. Looking at these photos I can't really tell the difference, so I'm starting to begin to wonder why I bother. Tonight I might go out without wearing any, just to stick it to the man and all. 

How awesome is this nail polish colour?! It's the one I was telling you about the other day from Sportsgirl. 

Hope you all have great Saturday nights! 

I never go out clubbing any more, so I'm feeling a bit like an old woman being dragged to a Britney concert. I'm sure I'll want to have a boogey while I'm there. I haven't done anything but study for the past two weeks!

Lots of lovin',


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