Monday, June 27, 2011

My Nail Routine

Hi there.

I want you to know that it has taken me a long time to figure out how to properly care for my nails. I have been painting them for years and have only now learnt the big do not’s. I’ve also only just started to deliberately trim my nails short. This is what my nails look like normally. 

Like most girls, I have committed sins such as having acrylic nails. Even after deciding to go natural, it takes months to grow out your nails and get them healthy again. I’ve decided to share with you a few tips regarding how I care for and paint my nails. I hope you learn something!

Firstly, tools of the trade. I never sit down to paint my nails without all of these. I use a strengthening nail polish remover because I have brittle nails. Before I apply nail polish I use cuticle oil to soften my cuticles and nourish my nails. This is important because my nails are usually always painted. As a base coat I apply Revitanail nail strengthener. My nails tend to peel and Revitanail stops this from happening.

This note is very important! If you’re trimming your nails down quite a lot, do not file them! Filing your nails is very abrasive and can weaken them. I use nail clippers to trim off the length and then use a file only to shape them.

If you have ridges like I do then you might want to use a nail buff. This smooths the nail bed and makes your nail polish job look a lot nicer. When I paint my nails I do not paint to the edge. I first learnt this after having a manicure and seeing that the manicurist didn’t go right to the edge. It looks a lot better and you won’t get messy nail polish around your cuticles.

A top coat will honestly make your hard work last about a week. I do not use one that speeds up the drying process, but they are available. Lastly, one of my favourite tricks. If you do manage to have a slip up, do not worry. What I do is wait until the polish has dried, have a shower, and then rub the polish off my skin. Having a warm shower softens the skin and enables you to simply scrape the excess polish off from around your nails.

I hope this has helped and that you’re looking forward to painting your nails again.

Love love love, 

Miss Ivory 

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