Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After Gym 'Pick Me Up'

Next to the train station on my way home from gym is a massive direct factory outlet. With 20 minutes between trains, it is always extremely tempting to go in 'just for a look'. Yesterday I went in, and while I only spent $20, I just couldn't stop myself!

A few months ago I mentioned that I wanted to volunteer at an elephant orphanage in Thailand. I haven't forgotten about it, and hope to go for two weeks some time next year. I found this bangle and not only fell in love with the colour, but thought it would be a nice reminder of my dream every time I wear it.

It retailed for $25 but I snagged it for $2!

I've also been using Moleskine diaries for years but hate scribbling in them since they're so beautiful. I found this copy below at Typo in a beautiful 'Tiffany & Co.' blue for $15. Although a cheapie, the cover is still real leather. I also got a hot pink one for free as part of a '2 for 1' deal. Uni starts back next week and I felt the need to have something to write all of my ideas in.

Last but not least, I bought this cocktail ring from the same jewellery shop for $5. I want to own more statement pieces from now on, and I love the Art Deco design of this one.

I think that's enough shopping for a while! In other news, I've finally gotten my first piece of writing published. It feels great, and I've had such positive feedback. I'll be a journalist yet!



(P.S. I think maybe it's time I renamed my blog "The Bargain Hunter". Although there's a fair chance one already exists!)

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