Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daily Outfit: The Lady is a Tramp

Hi guys, 

just so you know, I'm not really a tramp. I just thought the combination of such a lady-like skirt with a leather jacket was a bit...well...trampish! This houndstooth Sportscraft skirt was on high rotation when I worked in the corporate sector. It's so sensible that I never imagined wearing it with anything that wasn't a blouse.

I got this leather jacket a few years ago when Target was having a sale. Once a year Target will usually heavily reduce their leather jackets to something ridiculous like $60. Quite a bargain when they usually cost hundreds. Thank me later girls! 

I also found some real Salvatore Ferragamo shoes the other day, and they didn't cost me $600! This will make for tomorrow's blog post so stay tuned! 

I'm getting good at this whole "shopping" thing. 

Jacket: Target
Blouse: Barkins
Skirt: Thrifted Sportscraft
Shoes: Thrift Salvatore Ferragamo!

Thanks to my new followers for their lovely comments. You guys are the best!

I'm being really lazy and still haven't fixed all of my photos yet. Sorry!

1 comment:

Sam said...

i love shopping for clothes at target. it's like a secret gold mine! hahaha! Great buy on the jacket, AND THE SHOES!!! WOOOW! :)