Monday, July 18, 2011

Pleasure State

I believe expensive lingerie to be one of the most decadent things a woman can buy. It's hard to feel dressed up when you're wearing those old, unsightly but oh-so comfortable pair of knickers. It is so hard to justify buying expensive underwear though, isn't it? Not when they're on sale.

On the weekend while I was in Myer, I couldn't help but stop at the Pleasure State counter. Their lingerie is so beautiful, and I already had a set that I bought last year that was on sale. This weekend I found another pair that was majorly reduced and was convinced to buy them. Well spotted. No idea why they were on sale when they're so beautiful.

Also, you know how magazines constantly say that most woman are wearing the wrong bra size? Turns out I was one of them. Maybe it's time you ladies paid a visit to the lingerie department too! Any excuse will do.

I also bought this sleeping mask from Cotton On Body for $6. I need it to sleep in after a long night (and morning!) at work.

Not bad for one day of shopping that wasn't even meant for me. 



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