Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily Outfit: A Special Dress

Darling readers,

you'll have to excuse the technical difficulties on the blog at the moment. I was fooling around on my Google account and ended up deleting all of the photos on my blog. Argh! It will take me some time to upload them all again, so bear with me. In the meantime, I want to share with you a special outfit post.

One of my favourite things to do at my grandparent's house is to look through old photo albums. I was over there a few months ago when I found a photo of my Grandmother at a wedding in an amazing dress. We started talking about it and then she proceeded to pull it out of her wardrobe and give it to me. I couldn't believe it and I'll treasure it forever.

My Grandfather turned 80 a couple of weeks ago and I was really excited to wear my Grandmother's dress to his birthday party. When she saw me wearing her dress she said "I was hoping you would wear it". Awwwww.

Headband: Dotti
Blazer: Sportsgirl
Dress: Grandmother
Shoes: Corelli
Bag: Chanel

Here I am with my beautiful grandparents. That's some good genetics right there!

All my love,

Ivory xo


Anonymous said...

What beautiful dress! There is something so special about sentimental clothes!

The Style Rawr said...

Great outfit! We love your Chanel :)

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T & J