Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daily Outfit: Trench

I realised the other day that almost my entire wardrobe is filled with coats. In fact, I have more coats than any other item of clothing - maybe even shoes. You'd think that this would make dressing for winter really easy for me, but I'm hopeless. I don't like pants and can't layer if my life depended on it.

That said, I'm obviously very happy that we're having a warm winter in Melbourne. I've been wearing all of my summer clothes with a jacket on top. I'm quite happy about this outfit. I love how colourful the dress is and still can't quite figure out what pattern it is.

Trench coat: MNG Barcelona
Dress: Supre
Heels: Payless Shoes

I started a new job last night that has very weird hours. I got home at about 3am this morning and have been cranky all day. I hope I get used to it. Mister also had a big night last night so we've spent our Saturday feeling very sorry for ourselves.

Tonight my best friend is coming over for dinner and I'm making chilli con carne. As a matter of fact, I should probably start on that soon!

I hope you're having great weekends.