Saturday, August 20, 2011

Country Drive

This week I've been close to a nervous breakdown with all the things on at university. The pressure of finishing everything, let alone doing it well, has just been too much. I guess this explains why I've been so quiet. Sorry darlings. 

Today we visited some friends and family in the country, and it was nice to get away. After 5 hours of driving though I'm just as tired and cranky as before! Things are warming up here in Aus and while all your blogs are talking about winter dressing, I'm gearing up for summer. I know all my cares will melt away with long days spent at the beach. 

All my love,

Ivory x


She's Dressing Up said...

Gorgeous photos!

Sara B. C. said...

What a cute dog! Is he/she a poodle? I used to have a dog exactly that that. He passed away 4 years ago :(


Agatha said...

bring back some cake?! awesome photos girlie, glad it took your mind off things for a while, you needed it!

Ivory said...

Nic - Thank you! I loved your photos of the US!

Sara - That's Tucky and she's a little Cavoodle. As you can see she's in desperate need of a groom. Unfortunately she's not mine :(

Agatha - Thank you, Darling. Was great to forget about uni for a day!

Juliettka said...

oh dog is very cute!!!