Monday, August 1, 2011

June Surprises

These are some new possessions of mine that I am very excited about and want to show you!

(Canon macro lens)

I've wanted this lens for such a long time. Last week I finally decided to buy it - and so did Mister as a surprise present for me! Uh oh. I felt so bad when I ruined the surprise. Luckily I returned mine and am keeping his. Isn't he the best? Happy days! 

(T.B.N. 'Fluoro Orange')

Orange nail polish is massive at the moment. I can't really afford the O.P.I. one so I jumped on this colour when I saw it for $3 at a pharmacy sale. I keep looking down at my hands. I hope I can make this bottle last until Summer!

(Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo wedges)

The best find of all! I got these for $7.50 when looking for black heels at the op shop near university. I've wanted a pair of Salvatore Ferragamos for ages but there's no way I could drop $450 on a pair of heels! Not yet anyway. They're not the classic style, but I'm just so proud of myself for finding them. They're in mint condition too. Yay!




Vasu said...

Love ur finds, indeed ur nail colour is amazing. It looks so good. Love the shoes too, amazing finds, love the heel of it.

two birds said...

i love that nail polish color! it's also pretty cute that you both bought that lens...he must know you very well!

True said...

lovelovelove the nailcolor!

- True